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Shop T1 Legacy

The tried and true products T1 fans already know and love. The Legacy Line is made up of our most popular products of all time. Why change a good thing?


The T1 Legacy round we hope you never have to use, unless you’re practicing, training or competing that is. Our 9mm Hybrid Hollow Point (HHP) rounds are designed for home defense or concealed carry and are comprised of the highest quality USA made components. 

$31.50 – $149.99

T1 Ammo’s most popular round, the 9mm 124 GR, is the perfect balance between the explosive nature of the 115 GR load and the lower felt recoil of the 147 GR. You can rely on our 9mm loads to perform well in today’s most popular firearms.

$34.00 – $164.99

T1 Ammo’s 9mm 147 GR, is our smoothest shooting 9mm round and is popular among competitors, tactical training enthusiasts and the everyday shooter alike. You can rely on our 9mm loads to perform well in today’s most popular firearms.

$44.99 – $212.50

The .223 Remington 55 GR round is T1 Ammo’s signature rifle load. Trusted by avid competitors, instructors and the everyday shooter for it’s consistency and accuracy.


Lower Felt Recoil

We specialize in creating products with a lower felt recoil so that you can stay on the range longer and get back on your sights faster.

All New, Quality Brass

Great ammo starts with great components and we’ve perfected our formulas over the years to ensure smooth shooting rounds that you can count on for high performance.

Great for Competitions

T1 Ammo’s Legacy Line products were designed with the competitor in mind. Our high quality components coupled with a strict inspection process create an accurate and reliable round that some of the best marksmen and women count on.

Clean, Slow Burning Powder

Spend more time shooting your gun and less time cleaning it. High quality, slow burning powders keep your barrel cleaner and the smoke out of your eyes.

in the USA

Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA. Sarasota, Florida to be exact.