9MM Luger 147 Gr TMJ – Subsonic Handgun Ammunition


9mm Luger 147 Gr Subsonic


Our 9mm Luger 147 Gr Subsonic Handgun Ammunition was developed for use with a suppressor to help reduce the sound better than standard ammunition. The subsonic round does need to be fired through a suppressor and can be fired in a non suppressed gun and completely function. The subsonic round is designed with a velocity below 1000 FPS.

Subsonic Handgun Ammunition is manufactured using commercial machines, new brass and quality projectiles.

Velocity: 925 FPS


500 RDS (Bulk Ammo), 50 RDS (Boxed), 250 RDS (Bulk Ammo), 1000 RDS (Bulk Ammo), 1000 RDS (Boxed)


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