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T1 Legacy .223 Remington 55 GR
T1 Legacy .223 Remington 55 GR
T1 Legacy .223 Remington 55 GR
T1 Legacy .223 Remington 55 GR
T1 Legacy .223 Remington 55 GR

T1 Legacy .223 Remington 55 GR



Purchase Limits: 5 boxes or 8 bulk bags per customer

The .223 Remington 55 GR round is T1 Ammo’s signature rifle load. Trusted by avid competitors, instructors and the everyday shooter for it’s consistency and accuracy.

Please note, our bulk bags are sold in heavy-duty plastic bags.

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Bulk 250

Product Description:

T1 Ammo’s .223 Remington 55 GR round is our signature rifle load. Trusted by avid competitors for it’s consistency and accuracy, this round is popular among competitors, tactical training enthusiasts and the everyday shooter alike.

This round features factory new brass, FMJ boat tail projectiles and clean burning powder. It’s built for high-performance, accuracy and longer distances. Our dedication to sourcing high quality components coupled with a stringent hand inspection process, ensures that we have a set of eyes on every round before it ends up in your firearm.

Test Firearm Specs Rifle-Bushmaster O.R.C. 16" Barrel
Muzzle Velocity 3037
Standard Deviation 17.8
Application plinking, competition, training

Product Disclaimer: *This data is based on testing with our equipment, in our exterior location. Please note, your results may be different based on your location and equipment.

Lower Felt Recoil

Great for Competitions


All New, Quality Brass

Clean, Slow Burning Powder

Manufactured in the USA


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