Memorial Day weekend was a busy one here at Ft. Bragg. The shooting event was a huge success for the Duskin and Stephens Foundation on Friday.  There ended up being over 100 people there and we had to make a run to the local gun shop to ensure we didn’t run out of ammo.  All the ammo fired well through a wide variety of weapons and I didn’t see or hear of any issues at all. Thanks again for your support.  I will be sure to contact you in the future when we have other events running, to see if you would be interested in participating.



Geoff VanRyn

Competition shooters require both accuracy and dependability from their ammunition. Of the 200 rounds tested, no malfunctions were observed. This is due to T1’s use of Federal primers on all of its competition ammunition. Federal primers are less likely to fail than other well- known brands. As measured on a chronograph at an outdoor range with an ambient temperature of 83 degrees, the five T1 124 grain 9mm target ammunition rounds tested achieved an average velocity of 1113fps. The competition ammunition ran at 1035fps in order to provide less muzzle flip while still meeting IDPA, IPSC and USPSA power factor standards.

To test accuracy, a Glock 34 with a 5.31 inch barrel was utilized from a bench rest at 25 yards. Five consecutive groups of five shots of the T1 124 grain 9mm match measured an average of 2.162 inches while the target rounds averaged 2.159 inches.  Shooting off hand found that the T1 ammunition was not overpowered and provided a comfortable shooting experience.

Though this test was based on their 9mm ammunition, T-1 also produces .223 Remington, .40 Smith &Wesson and .45 Automatic, target and defense ammunition. Competition shooters may also request custom loads with 15 different powders to choose from. With its combination of accuracy, reliability and exceptionally low cost, T1 is the go to ammunition for serious competitors and recreational sport shooters alike.

-Timothy J. Weber Ed. D., NRA action pistol Bianchi Cup.


T1 Team. I wanted to provide everyone feedback on your superior product. Being new to the shooting sports, I began to gather my gear so that I could test what does and does not work. Not focusing much on ammunition, I purchased what was on sale and the cheapest. After spending countless hours working on trigger control, loading techniques, target acquisition and speed, my accuracy was not improving at all.  I was getting frustrated when someone asked what type of ammo I was using and I said whatever I could find. From there I was introduced to Alex, and the T1 brand and was given a tour of their operation. I must say they take great pride in producing an awesome product. They suggested I try their 9mm 147 grain competition line. Instantly, I could see my accuracy starting to improve and my scores/match placements could show a difference. After thousands and thousands of rounds, I have had ZERO issues with their product. I now consistently place inside the Top 5 and have had two 1st place finishes in my local USPSA match. I wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone at T1 for providing an awesome product and excellent customer service – I will be a customer for life!!!!! 


Robert Hanchey



I just wanted to add a review of this ammo…this is without a doubt the cleanest burning ammo I have ever shot…went through 300 rounds out of my Glock 19 and not so much as a smudge of powder anywhere around the end of my gun…inside was clean as well…not one hiccup with this ammo…I am so satisfied that I have found my new ammo home…..thanks guys…you can’t beat the prices or craftsmanship of this stuff…OUTSTANDING!!!!!! (9 MM 115 GR XTP Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition)



Love this round for competitions! Really makes a difference for those quick follow up shots. Thousands of rounds, never an issue! If you are looking to decrease your competition times, this is the round to try. (9 MM 115 Gr TMJ Target Handgun Ammunition)