SNS 9MM Competition Ammunition

SNS 9MM Competition Ammunition

T1 has three different 9MM loads to offer now. These loads are designed for competition shooting that meet USPSA power factor. These rounds shoot really soft, which allows for a softer recoil for better follow up shots. The rounds are made with a SNS Cast projectile, manufactured by SNS casting and they do a great job of manufacturing their projectiles which are very popular in the shooting community. Even though these rounds are set up on a power factor that shouldn’t stop you from giving them a try, you just might like them for 3Gun, recreational shooting or training. We have the 9MM 125 grain, the 135 grain and the 147 grain available.


Ammunition Shipped to Matches

Ammunition Shipped to Matches


T1 Ammunition provides shipping of ammunition to matches for individuals or groups. The idea behind this program is to take some of the stress off the individual or group attending matches where long travel is required by airline, train, bus or even a privately-owned auto.

T1 Ammunition offers customers the opportunity to have the standard off the shelf competition ammunition or custom ammunition (if established and approved) sent from T1 to the match location. Customers are required to provide plenty of time to allow for production, if required and standard ground shipping (shipping is up to 7 business days, depending on match location).

This program is offered to individuals or teams traveling to the United States to attend matches.


T1 Ammunition

Brand Ambassador SNS 400

It has come to our attention that there was an incident involving one of our brand ambassadors during the SNS 400. We take our brand and those who represent our brand very serious.

We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Business and our reputation is extremely important to us. We understand that the passion and intensity of competition can result in less than favorable interactions between shooters, range officers and support staff. We expect ALL of our Brand Ambassadors to represent the brand IAW our reputation of professionalism and integrity and if it is determined that a brand ambassador has violated that obligation then the relationship will be terminated. We appreciate ALL of the message, emails and texts pertaining to the incident and we are reviewing the facts and we will make a decision that is in the best interest of the brand and is fair to those involved.

To be perfectly clear – We will not tolerate ANY behavior or actions from our Brand Ambassadors that reflect negatively on T1 Ammunition regardless of position, rankings or titles.
We appreciate those who participate, support and govern this Great Organization and we will continue to be a vital part in it’s growth and reputation.

T1 Ammunition

Train With Shane Episode 3- Transitions

Train With Shane Episode 3- Transitions - T1 Ammunition

Train With Shane Episode 3 – Transitions

Shane Coley, Team Captain for Team GLOCK demonstrates recoil management. Click on Train with Shane to view the video.

T1 Ammunition is the Official Ammunition Loader for Team GLOCK. Shane Coley is the Captain of Team GLOCK.

Train with Shane Episode 2 – Recoil Management

Train With Shane - Episode 2 - Recoil Management. T1 Ammunition is the Official Ammunition Loader for Team GLOCK.

Train With Shane – Episode 2 – Recoil Management.
Shane Coley, Team Captain for Team GLOCK demonstrates recoil management. Click on Train with Shane to view the video.

T1 Ammunition is the Official Ammunition Loader for Team GLOCK. Shane Coley is the Captain of Team GLOCK.

Train with Shane – Episode 1 – Grip and Stance

Train With Shane - Episode 1 - Grip and Stance. T1 Ammunition

Train With Shane – Episode 1 – Grip and Stance.

Shane Coley, Team Captain for Team GLOCK demonstrates proper grip and stance. Click on Train with Shane to view the video.

T1 Ammunition is the Official Ammunition Loader for Team GLOCK. Shane Coley is the Captain of Team GLOCK

T1 Ammunition introduces new ‘Steel Challenge’ round to its competition line

Steel Challenge Ammunition 9MM 115gr JHP  - T1 Ammunition

Steel Challenge matches are fast.

Shooters compete for best time on a series of eight stages, with stationary steel plates ranging in size from 10-inch round targets to 18×24-inch rectangles.

Since the Steel Challenge targets don’t move or “knock down,” shooters need high-quality, highly accurate ammunition that’s just powerful enough to cycle their handguns and make the steel “ding” — period.

Anything more to the load adds unnecessary recoil, which makes follow-up shots more difficult and, ultimately, adds additional time to their scores.

As they did with their ultra-accurate 124-grain and 147-grain competition rounds, and their very proprietary Team Glock ammunition, which sadly is only available to Team Glock members, the guys at T1 Ammunition saw a need and pounced on it.

“There was a strong demand from the shooters,” said Gary Silverthorn, T1’s president and CEO. “These guys and gals are trying to hit the steel as fast as they can. There’s no power factor. The shooter just has to hit the steel and make it ding. We worked with them and got their feedback, because if they don’t like it, they won’t shoot it.”

The result — T1’s “Steel Challenge” performance ammunition is available starting today.

Silverthorn said he added the new Steel Challenge ammunition because he’s “rounding out our competition line to serve all types of matches.”

Check out the rest of the story on the Gun Writer

T1 Ammunition Review by Army Ranger Jon Dufresne

T1 Ammunition Review by Army Ranger Jon Dufresne


T1 Ammunition is disabled veteran-owned business that purchased an existing ammunition factory in Sarasota Florida in May of 2013. They develop ammunition for target, competition, and defense. I was sent 100 rounds of their 9 mm. 124 gr. Target, 150 rounds of 9 mm. 124 gr. Competition, and 250 rounds of .223 55 gr. FMJ. The ammo came in standard 50 round boxes that are clearly labeled –Important in my opinion – and all the rounds were in Styrofoam type ammo trays.

I also received a couple of patches and stickers and a personal note from the T1 team, which was a nice touch. On the website they state that they use new brass and everything is loaded to Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) specifications. All of the rounds I received looked like new and with close inspection I couldn’t find any noticeable issues that you find in some ammunition.T1 Ammunition Review


I took the 9 mm. 124 gr. Target ammo to a Sage Dynamics Advanced Vehicle Defense class to give it a whirl with some high volumes of fire and to shoot it through some everyday objects, for example, aluminum, glass, and fabrics. Not that the ammo was intentionally made for penetration of barriers, but why the hell not.

On day one we started with shooting through the windshield to see the deflection of the rounds – on a side note really cool stuff and I would suggest this class to everyone that carries for self-defense – for FMJ’s they did what was expected, first round deviated up 6-8 inches and the 2 others went point of aim. For the rest of the day I shot the Target ammo that was provided to me by T1 and it was flawless. It ran clean as well, I didn’t notice any extra felt recoil or muzzle rise that I have from others. I also shot it through 3 different barrels to see if it would stop working because of different specs, Glock stock, S3f Solutions, and a Zev barrel. It ran through all of them and the fit in each was to spec.

T1 Ammunition Review by Army Ranger Jon Dufresne


I also took the 9 mm. 124 gr. Competition loads to a USPSA match to see them in their intended use. I shot them through my Glock 19, with a stock barrel and an S3f barrel. They performed as expected and I had no issues with feeding or function except for one magazine issue. I didn’t notice a significant difference in the way the shoot next to the Target ammo and they did not seem under powered like some competitive ammo I have shot.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

The .223 55 gr. FMJ was shot through my BCM 14.5 pinned AR that has around 46,000 round through it, so accuracy testing was subjective to a barrel that has been run hard and dirty. The second AR I shot it through was a new less than 500 round BCM 14.5 Pinned (Girlfriends AR). Through that I saw proper groups. The ammo shot once again as expected, even when ran hard. The felt recoil with it was no harder or softer than usual (Proper technique). Overall I enjoyed shooting it through both ARs to see the difference and was happy with the performance.



I was, as expected, happy to see that all the ammo provided worked well and was pleasant to shoot. I certainly would recommend it to anyone that needs practice, target, or competition ammo. T1 also offers a nice discount to first time buyers and LEO/MIL professionals. You can thank me later.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received T1 ammo from T1 Ammo via through Spotter Up. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


T1 Ammunition Helps Sponsor Realwolrd Tactical’s Counterambush Vehicle Tactics Course

RealWorld Tactical is a Veteran Operated Organization out South Florida providing Real-Life based Firearms Training for the Urban Environment. They also specialize in Consulting, Product Development and Tactical Product Distribution for the Law Enforcement industry. Gary over at T1 Ammo sent Realworld Tactical some of the good stuff to shoot! Check these guys out and check out