The following discounts/coupon codes are offered.

****We have changed our discounts recently from a coupon code to an account registration based discount, please read below****

  • New Customer: All first time buyers can receive a one time 5% discount on their cart for their purchase. Use coupon code nc0001
  • Military/Veteran & First Responder: To be eligible for the above Military/Veteran, First Responder discount (permanent discount) you will need to register for an account My Account, you must provide proof for the discount that you are applying for. You will only be able to apply for one discount, even if you qualify for multiple discounts.
  • Match Sponsorship Coupons: Match Sponsorship Coupons CAN NOT be combined on the same order.

Thank You from Team T1 for your service!

email with proof (valid ID, Drivers license w/V, DD214).

Once we receive your verification, we will apply the discount to your account and then send you an email informing that the discount is applied. Then only then, will you be able to utilize your permanent discount. So wait for us to email you back before ordering!