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Thank you for considering T1 Ammunition as your choice for Performance Ammunition. T1 Ammunition is a Veteran Owned and Operated Ammunition Manufacturer that has spent years developing and partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry to provide TOP Performing Ammo for LE, GOV, Operational and Competitor’s needs. We believe in Great Customer Service and Providing the BEST Products at the BEST Pricing. We often partner with Brand Ambassadors by providing discounted pricing for those who are willing to represent T1 Ammo in a positive light through use in classes, courses, duty or competition for sharing the T1 Ammunition Brand. Our Brand Ambassador Program will provide you with a login to our retail website that will allow you to purchase ammunition at a discounted rate for use by you or the organization you represent. The discounted rate we provide our Brand Ambassadors cannot be combined with any other promotion or coupon code. We do ask that you tell the T1 Ammo story as you train, practice or compete in a professional and tasteful manner and you tell that story in person and on social media using techniques such as direct links, hashtags, direct tagging and sharing to drive customers to T1 Ammo. We will promote you or your organization as a Brand Ambassador throughout our extensive network of partners to simultaneously drive growth to you and T1 Ammo. We are a small business and our reputation is important to us and we reserve the right to withdraw any association with any individual or business if their representation of our products or brand has a negative impact on our business as a Brand Ambassador. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador for T1 Ammunition, please contact us at 

T1 Brand Ambassadors:

Randy Arrowood is a Georgia native, born and raised in the metro Atlanta area with some kind of gun in hand from an early age. His first competitions involved beer cans from the back porch. From there, he learned the safe manipulation of various firearms and enjoyed hunting and plinking with friends and family.

In 2009, he bought his first centerfire handgun and was told about an indoor competition and stuff just got real. After some basic instruction on fundamentals from some of the local gurus, he got serious about training and studying shooting sports.

After implementing a more structured training program in 2011, his match performances began to improve as well. At the South Carolina USPSA Sectional in 2012, he won his first major match in Single Stack and then at the USPSA National Championships, he won “A” class in Limited. After that, the match wins continued and he reached USPSA Grand Master classification in Limited in 2014. Currently, his primary division and discipline is Single Stack USPSA competition.

Shooting Accomplishments:

  • USPSA Limited Grand Master
  • Top 20 at USPSA Single Stack Nationals (2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Top 10 at IPSC Classic Nationals (2015, 2016)
  • Selected for 2017 IPSC World Shoot Team USA Classic Division
  • Multiple Area, State and Section Championships

Randy Arrowood - T1 Brand Ambassadors



Bill Urquhart is an Army combat medic in North Carolina that has been competing in USPSA, Steel Challenge, 3 Gun, and Bianchi for just over a year and a half. In that time, Bill has fallen in love with the competition shooting sports and has managed several major finishes at the World Speed Shooting Championship, 3 GN Nationals, Optics Nationals and the Factory division win of the NC State 3 Gun Championship. Once introduced to T1 ammo, Bill hasn’t looked back and has enjoyed the quality performance that each load from T1 Ammunition has to offer. Outside of competition, Bill is busy studying for medical school and passing on shooting knowledge to fellow soldiers.

Bill Urquhart - T1 Brand Ambassadors



Erich Leipold is a Lieutenant with the Sarasota County Fire Dept and has been in the Fire Service since 1994. He began competitive shooting in 2012 after obtaining his CCW permit w his wife, after a near miss attempted abduction of her and his son. His First 3G match was in early 2014, after purchasing his first AR and semi auto shotgun 2 weeks prior. Erich spent 5 years filming and hunting for the TV show “Bighorn Outdoors” and still enjoys time in the woods hunting as well as watching his 2 kids play basketball.

Erich’s sponsors include: Adams Arms, Voodoo Innovations, Burris Optics, Akai Custom Guns, Rio Bonito Ranch, Halfcocked Targets, Lucas Oil, UM Tactical, T1 Ammunition,  Drawemin Outdoors, SL Custom Gunworks & Juice Plus

Erich Leipold - T1 Ammunition Brand Ambassadors



Steve Catania is an IT Manager that has been shooting IDPA and USPSA competition for 4 years. Steve has achieved an Expert Class in IDPA and is a strong B Class in USPSA Production and Limited.   Mostly a local club shooter, Steve has recently been competing in some state matches and enjoys the competition. He started using T1 ammunition about a year and half ago and has great success. Steve resides in Southern Ohio with his wife and three boys.




JP Goss is a life-long Florida native who has recently fallen in love with shooting sports. Growing up he was exposed to firearms through his father who was a deer and duck hunter, but never picked up shooting as a hobby. In summer 2016 his friend convinced him to go shoot a local IDPA match in Lake County, FL and he immediately fell in love with competitive shooting. Over the next year he continued to shoot a few local IDPA and steel matches when time permitted, and in October of 2017 he would compete in his first ever USPSA match. JP now trains consistently and is always improving his game, making shooting competitions a major part of his life. He has competed in many major USPSA matches in his still very young career, and will be competing in the 2018 USPSA Limited National Championship match. The friends that he has made in the shooting industry have all been awesome and he can’t wait to see where this adventure will take him in the years to come! Other sponsors include: East Orange Shooting Sports; Sidekick Mounts; Lok Grips; King Custom Holsters; Original Gun Oil; Decibel Defense.




Patrick Free is a native Atlanta, Georgia and was raised in a suburb north of Atlanta. His love for firearms and competition started during his years in the Boy Scouts. A local steel match in Dublin Georgia was the first competitive match Patrick participated in. Since that first match in 2012 Patrick has been competing in USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, and 3 Gun matches. Recently, Patrick has made the transition into shooting Carry Optics in IDPA, USPSA, and Steel Challenge.
After Steel Nationals in June of 2018, Patrick was classified as a B class shooter in that competition and is on the path to being classified B class in USPSA as well. Patrick enjoys learning about the skills needed to compete in the different disciplines of shooting sports. He also enjoys helping new shooters learn to improve on the range and with their skills. In June of 2018 Patrick became a member of the Rudy Project USA Shooting Team. Patrick works as an Instructor Pilot at Cairns Army Airfield teaching in the TH-67 for the Primary phase of US Army flight school.